Goals for the week and what my week will look like.

Happy Monday y’all I hope you had a wonderful weekend I had a very busy one. I love Mondays because they set the tone for the week and my mood for the week. I love Mondays because I set goals for the week and when I wake up on Mondays I feel refreshed and I set a to-do list for the week of course being flexible. My goals for this week is: Workout Everyday for 30-45 minutes and not eating carbs only healthy ones. I love having a purpose during the day whether its doing laundry, doing dishes, going on a long walk, putting clothes away, cleaning my bathroom something I can accomplish and feel proud of. What is your goal for the week or something you want to accomplish that you have been putting on the back burner DO IT NOW because Tomorrow isn’t Guarantee. If you know me you know my faith is important to me however I always try to say a prayer in the mornings and I came across one that I think will inspire you and I try to do a devotional when I get up and I go to bed. I have a very busy week planned each day there is a goal for me to accomplish and remember YOU CAN DO IT!! I will be back here on Wednesday remember to sign up for posts so you don’t miss anything!!

Lord help me

to remember

that nothing

is going to happen

to me today

that You and I

together can’t handle.


I love this devotional because WE need the Lords help with everything and with his help nothing is unstoppable!

With God, ALL Things are Possible. - Matthew 19:26

By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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