Where I shop

I always get this question where do you get this shirt? or cute shoes where did you get them? I love finding deals I hate buying things full price I also have expensive taste but I love mix matching expensive with cheap people don’t always know the difference. I find deals everyday.

I love these basic tees from H&M you can dress them up or dress them down and there 6 dollars and they last forever you can find them here.

I love these jeans from old navy I have 3 different styles with multiple shades of blue. They are under 50 dollars and right now they are on sale with a 25% off so I will probably get some before I go back to college.

I love Marshalls, TJMaxx and Nordstrom rack I also love Gap you can find so many deals there for the fraction of the price.

Being from New England I love this types of looks

I love this sweater its runs true to size but like my sweaters a little bigger the sweater is from Vineyard Vines I linked it here

Belt is from Gucci but you can use whatever belt you want this is the belt

Vest is from Francesca’s but I found one similar for 30 dollars on amazon you can find it here

Jeans are from Old Navy I linked it above

Shoes are from Old Navy but I found one similar at Lulus for under 50 dollars you can find it here

For my athletic wear I love some good shorts and t-shirts. In the summer I wear shorts, t-shirt and my Birkenstocks at night I love shorts and a long sleeve shirt

Here are my favorite athletic shorts they are from Under Armour you can find it here

These shorts from Vineyard Vines are my favorite you can find it here

I love these long sleeve shirts from Vineyard Vines they are so soft and buttery you can find it here

If you know me you know I HATE paying full price for clothing! I love nike and Lululemon but I can’t justify spending 100$ for a pair of workout clothes! I found a way to fix that its called THREDUP its a second hand website clothes that look brand new. They also have a designer section I just ordered these Nike workout pants they were originally 53.00 and I got them for 23.00 less than 30. Some of the clothes will have special codes so you get them for even cheaper. I just saved 33.00$ 😱

I just partnered with a clothing company called Encourageher its a faith based athletic company that has super cute and really affordable athletic wear from workout shirts t-shirts, hoodies and soo much more ( look how cute this shirt is) You can use my code Gracie10 for 10% off your oder you can shop this shirt and soo many more here

I will continually be updating this list about clothing and my favorite finds and deals

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By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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