Friday Q&A: DIY, Cooking, and Life

Happy Friday, my friends its nice and sunny here in CT after a little bit of snow in New England. I am so excited that I am starting classes next week and getting back to the swing of things here. How was your week? I hope everyone is finding a smile in the small things in life. I hope everyone has a great weekend. xx

1. What are your plans for DIY Projects?

If you know me you know I love DIY Projects and I love being creative and creating new things! My goal for this summer is to have 3 DIY Projects going on. I love finding pieces of furniture on the side of the road and sand it and paint it. I love saving money and its a great way to have a little bit of fun.

2. Why do I want farm animals in Maine?

Growing up I always wanted chickens my dads friend had chickens I thought they were the coolest. I always loved animals and just recently in the last year or so I have been wanting cows and I love cows they are so sweet and just so cute. I recently have been interested in goat yoga and wanted baby goats however baby goats grow into big goats! I have always wanted to grow up on a farm and be around animals and animals bring a sense of peace and purpose because they look at you for food. I will probably start with 2 Shepards or Labs and some chickens and then get more animals?

3. Did you ever think of becoming a blogger?

No, I really never thought of it! I always new I wanted to have my own business and my own brand. After my relationship with my ex which was on and off all through July-December of 2019 and then through March- August of 2020. After being hurt and wanting an escape I started Gracefullygrace and its been a blessing.

4. When the world goes back to normal whats one thing you want do?

One thing I want to do when the world goes back to normal is to travel. I miss exploring and being adventurous and seeing the world. I am so excited to have my suitcase packed and my passport in my hand. I will probably hop on a plane to go to Italy and see my family.

5. What language would you speak?

If I was to speak any language it would be Italian! My Italian is really broken I can speak a little bit but I would want to be fluent and be able to carry on conversations. My cousins are from Italy so I always try and talk to them in Italian.

6. Are you close to your Family?

Yes, I am very close to my family growing up we would do Sunday dinners and we still do its pretty much a big deal and I can’t miss it. I am super close to my grandparents and I will do coffee with them at least once a week or I’ll go to their house and bake and hang out. I see my grandparents at least 3 times a week. I am always around! My Memere (French for grandma) is my best friend and I spoil her for her birthday, Christmas, and just because. My mom and my grandma and I, we are so close that we make time for each other. Growing up and being an only child my cousins were my siblings.

7. If I wasn’t studying Business what would be my major?

I love this question before declaring my major I wanted to become a teacher until I realized I am to creative. I would probably say my major would be communications if it wasn’t business. I love interacting with people and building a brand has been a dream.

8. What is one thing you wish you knew that you know now?

One piece of advice I wish I knew that I know now is that you aren’t gonna like everyone and not everyone is gonna like you and its ok to fail. I am a perfectionist and when I fail I will get so upset and I have to remind myself its ok not to be perfect and that its ok to make mistakes.

9. What is your favorite Recipe?

This is a hard one, being Italian I love cooking food is big part of that and I am always trying new recipes. My favorite recipe is my Memere’s pasta dish. its soo yummy and good

10. Is college hard in a pandemic ?

This is an interesting question because I don’t know anything different in some ways yes it is hard. The socialization at school is hard but because of Covid I have met people that I wouldn’t normally meet. I am meeting people in the library the gym and getting food.

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By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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