Friday Q&A: First Week of Classes, College and Whole 30

Happy Friday y’all its been snowing and cold here in CT! I just finished my first week of classes and I also started Whole30 and starting the Spring semester. This is been a crazy week and now I am trying to get all of my homework and posts done by Sunday so I can watch the Superbowl if you know me you know I love Tom Brady and I will be rooting for the Bucks. Last year I wanted the chiefs to win because of Patrick Mahomes! I hope everyone has a restful and relaxing weekend!! xx

1.Is this semester harder than last semester?

Yes, I think so I think it’s harder because I have put more pressure on myself this semester than in the fall. I think in a couple aspects it’s easier because I have a pretty schedule than the fall. My classes are diffidently harder but I take it day by day assignment by assignment and set goals for myself! I always believe if you put your mind to it YOU can do it.

2.Why did you start WHOLE 30?

I started Whole 30 because I wanted to detox my body from all of the crap. I wanted to feel better about myself and I wanted to change the way I thought about food and I wanted to lose weight and feel better about myself.

3. Did you ever think college would be hard?

Yes and no, for those who know me know that I went to a boarding school for my junior and senior year of high school. It prepared me for college because of the classes I was taking so no in that aspect. However yes because it’s college and not high school and your professors expect more from you.

4. Do you think college was the right decision for you?

I love this question yes I do think college was the right decision being that I am second generation to go to college on my moms family was important to me. Some may or may not know this but I had a lot of teachers from 1st grade all the way up to 11th grade that I wouldn’t be able to go to college or I would drop out come first semester. I made Deans list and made Honors first semester of Freshman year I got to prove them all wrong.

5. Did you want to go to University of Hartford(Uhart)?

My mind changed a lot in high school where I wanted to do and what I wanted to major in. I kept my list relatively small and local I was looking at schools all in the East Coast and DC. I knew I wanted to be at a small school and Uhart has the best business school in the country and its very well respected. Fun Fact Uhart was the only school I applied to.( risky move) Another fun fact is that the day I got the official email that I got accepted was a day where I was meeting one of my friends to go to a mens basketball game and I had just happened to wear a Uhart hoodie so I became an “Official Hawk” the night we won and I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason!!! I love Uhart and I can’t see myself anywhere else!!!!

6. Why do you love Uhart?

Wow a loaded question I love Uhart for many reasons one being, I love the people everyone you meet becomes your best friend and everyone is soo friendly. Being in covid times I have been meeting people in the library, Gym, Cafeteria. Secondly, I love my professors they are so nice and they want you to succeed. Lastly I love the atmosphere and I love going to our basketball games before covid. Meeting people from all different walks of life and I love that people are so welcoming and they want you for YOU!!!

7. Have you met any of your best friends yet at Uhart?

Yes I have my best friend named Melissa we meet in the library and we hit it off immediately and we started hanging out. I don’t really know how she became my best friend she just kinda did one day. I have met some really cool people from New Jersey, New York. All different majors Engineering, Bio, Physical Therapy, Education, Nursing, Music so many different kinds of people.

8. Is Whole 30 hard in college?

No its not, I eat super clean anyway so its not hard I have chicken, salad, sushi whatever I’m in the mood for within Whole 30. If I am bored I will go to the gym instead of Starbucks. Yes I can still have Starbucks I will get a matcha iced with coconut milk. My friends are super supportive that I am doing it. They joke that when 30 days are over I won’t eat anymore salads 😝.

9. What is campus like in covid?

BORING no really it is. It’s different I am used to going to men’s basketball games I brought 2 of my former best friends to a game I love night games. They have limited so many things because of Covid but it’s still fun and there are fun things going on campus and being around your friends makes it a whole lot better.

10. What is your Major?

My major is Business management and I’m also minoring in entrepreneurial studies. I have always wanted to own a business that is mine and I am in the works with creating something that is mine. I love being in control of me and I never wanted to work for someone I wanted to be my OWN BOSS BABE!!!

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By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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