Monday Motivation on a Tuesday!

Happy Monday but its really a happy Tuesday here on this snowy Tuesday!! I know I am a day late I just started first day of in-person classes and I had sooo much homework to do #collegelife. I didn’t have time to post yesterday so I am posting today!! But don’t worry everything is scheduled for this week!!

I want to talk about goals in college! People always say Grace what goals do you have while you’re in college? I always respond with do you want short or longterm? Being in college is no different then being in a job setting or even high school. My friend who is a junior at Uhart said to me the first week of fall semester was you need to have a plan when you leave in 4 years! I didn’t know what he meant I rolled my eyes and laugh! We started talking and he said your goals you set now will help you when your ready to leave in 4 years! Freshman year is almost done in the books!! My goals for the next few months is:

DO IT: You’re probably thinking do what, do what you don’t think you can do! For an example I have been scared to squat 100 even though my PR is 90 I am gonna DO IT I am not gonna let my fear stop me! Just like your fears shouldn’t stop you! IF you really want something DO IT you never know unless you try! Whats the worst thing that will happen we always question ourselves You Will Never Know unless you try! I want you to get off your butt and fight for what YOU want not anyone else!!

BE MORE POSITIVE: I have always been a very happy bubbly person but we all have “those days” where we don’t want to get out of bed, go out, go to practice, whatever the excuses we use! I always get asked how are you so happy or positive or smiling the truth is I find the POSITIVE in the NEGATIVE I choose to be that because life is way too short to be groaning! Believe me I have those days where I am not in the mood to do homework or even going to the gym but what gets me to the gym is my goal, if I am working out with my friends then it makes it a little easier because there is someone to hold me accountable.

My question to you is do you want to be known as someone who scuffs there feet and walks really slow or do you want to be that person who will walk through anything and laugh if you fall? Here is an example its snowing right now on campus and its really slushy and I was being me and I slipped and fell and of course I was with my friends I started laughing and they were like OMG are you OK? I just started laughing!! Life is too short to be serious!! WHO ARE YOU GOING TO BE? The person who will laugh through life or take life too serious the choice is yours!!

GIVE IT TO GOD: You are probably thinking to yourself what the heck do you mean? Someone who believes everything happens for a reason! I am one person with 24 hours in day but 6 hours I’m sleeping I can’t do everything nor do I want to be responsible for EVERYTHING so give your worries to GOD and go to bed!! God will take care of everything! If your thinking of that girl you met at the bar and kicking yourself that you didn’t get her number give it to God! If you’re thinking of that cute boy who’s the captain of the basketball team you met at the gym and you can’t stop thinking of him give it to God!! He will make things right I promise. TRUST GOD!! You might be in the midst of a storm but the sun will come out I promise!! THIS TOO SHALL PAST!!

My last goal for this semester is I can do this. There is so much self doubt in this world but I want to tell you, you can do this no one is you and if they are doubting you, use that as your motivation!! I want you to know that you can do this even if its hard because life is hard!! YOU GOT THIS!!! Challenge yourself a little bit!!!


By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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