Friday Q&A: Life, Goals, and Blog

Happy Friday y’all its been snowy and cold here in CT. A lot of exciting stuff has happened this week and I am so excited to share what has been happening ahh I could cry!!!! I got 1 brand deal this week and I just got one today GOD IS GOOD!! I finished my first week of in person classes yay!! I always say TRUST GOD and I did!! I got my first pair of ENCOURAGHER leggings and when I got that in mail also got a letter saying I made deans list. GOD IS GOOD and when you believe you can YOU WILL!!! I hope everyone has a great weekend and stay warm, CT is suppose to be getting a snowstorm.

  1. Was your family supportive of you when you started GRACEFULLYGRACE?

Yes, my family was supportive of me starting gracefullygrace I was probably more scared then they were! They were the ones who pushed me into this and showed me it!! I wasn’t scared necessarily to tell them I was more worried what they were gonna say! My mom and my grandma both love reading it and I am the first one to tell them when a brand reaches out to me!!

2. What does life look like now that you have Gracefullygrace and in college?

Life is the same! I just have to be more mindful of time management and when I want to upload! My weekends are the days where I plan! I love having a busy schedule for it! Homework always comes first but things have defiantly picked up.

3. Do you think Gracefullygrace will be your full-time job?

I’m not one to say no but this has definitely become a passion of mine and I am enjoying this season of life Its all in Gods timing and I am one lucky girl! I am excited to say that I have really enjoyed this part of life and I am trusting God!!

4. How and why did you start GraceFullyGrace?

I started GracefullyGrace the end of 2020 after my first semester of college! I was in a really tough relationship which was on and off from July-December of 2019 and May-August of 2020 and I ended in August! He told me I was never good enough, I deserved to be cheated on and I am not going to amount to anything and these awful things! 2020 was already a tough year. I told myself I wanted to find a purpose in life and rebuild myself and proved him wrong! 2 weeks before Christmas I had made my decision but I wanted to wait for 2021! I really wanted 2021 to have a purpose and have something that was MINE no one could take that from me!! GraceFullyGrace was born January 7, 2021

5. How did you find ENCOURAGEHER?

If you haven’t been following my instagram I have recently became a brand ambassador for this clothing company called ENCOURAGEHER! It’s a faith based athletic clothing company that is really affordable and really cute! It is a group of women who encourage one another! They reached out to me and wanted me to be apart of their team and I said YES!! Use my code Gracie for 10% off your order Link is here !

6. What is one piece of advice life has given you?

I love this question if you were watching my Instagram Live on Tuesday this question was asked! Life has taught me nothing lasts forever and that family doesn’t have to be blood! These are 2 things life has taught me and continues to teach me! I learned that just because you’re a “dad” doesn’t make you a dad! I learned that nothing lasts forever an enjoy every moment!! THINGS WILL GET BETTER I PROMISE!!

7. If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?

If I was to go back in time and change one thing it would be spent more time with family! My cousins are 12 years older and we were soo close growing up now they have families of their own! I have the best memories with my cousins! I wish I could say the same for my dads family but I love my moms side of the family and I am so grateful for them!

8. Goals for GraceFullyGrace?

My goals for Gracefullygrace is to make a difference in someones life whether its through my IG live with overallgooddaygirl or if through encouraging someone to take that leap of faith! I want GracefullyGrace to be a place where you learn, grow, and reflect! I am not someone who has 50K followers but I do want that at some point. I want to be true to me and my followers!

9. Will you post about a boyfriend when you get one?

I am a very private person even though I have this. IF he wanted to be apart of this journey with me and he was OK with it! Sure gracefullygrace was first apart of my life before he was! What if he isn’t ok with you posting about him? I would be hurt but I have to be respectful of his wishes and maybe he would get use to it and he sees me posting or I would ask if I can post this or that! Don’t worry I will make both worlds work!

10. Will you do a post of your family?

If you want to see my family sure! I haven’t posted photos about them because its never been a topic of conversation! I would love to do a post of them what do you want to see? let me know in the comments what you want to see! I would love to have my older cousins talk about me and do a post of little me! I will defiantly keep that mind for future posts or even topics!!

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By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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