Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Its currently 70 degrees here in CT and I can’t complain I live for these days and tomorrow is gonna be in the 70s and I will be diffidently be wearing shorts and a t shirt.

I want to talk about how sunny days make all of us feel here in CT! I live for these days and I feel so much better being outside than I do being cooped up inside. My mental health and well being is living for these moments because next week its suppose to snow and be in the 30s welcome to New England :)!

I hope that everyone enjoyed Tuesdays Instagram with Ryan Weaver! If you are new and have not seen the instagram live its saved to my instagram and you can watch it there I am so blessed to have the opportunity to have him on here!!

What kind of blog posts do you want to see and or want me to talk about it? This isn’t just for me its for you too and I want to write and talk about things you want to hear and grow! No topic is a wrong topic I hope we can all agree on that! I want you to feel like your voices are being heard! Whether thats from Kendal and I’s Instagram live, here on GracefullyGrace or just my Instagram live I want to encourage you guys to leave comments on here, IG posts, or you can even DM me and we can talk through there! I want to leave you with a little piece of encouragement you are strong and YOU CAN DO THIS!


By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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