Friday Q&A : Answering Your Questions On Everything Maine

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their week and Easter is in two days. I am so excited to be saying that it is getting to be this time of the year where I get to head home to my favorite place ever! I am answering all your questions on MAINE! I am sorry I have been MIA these last 2 weeks school has been so busy but I am back! XX

1. How Long Have You been Going To Maine?

I have been going to Maine for almost 20 years! It was the first time where I was introduced to seafood, the first place I went out to eat in public! Maine was a lot of firsts for me.

2. What is the best part of going to Maine?

My favorite part of going to Maine is legit everything! There is nothing bad about this state and I am so lucky to be able to talk about it and call it home!

3. Do you think Maine helps with your stress?

Yes 100% Maine is my stress reliever I will go sit in my driveway or go to the beach to relieve stress its my happy place.

4. What was your earliest memory in Maine?

My earliest memory of being in Maine was riding in the back of my poppy’s bed of his pickup truck driving around the house in the bed!

5. Do you have anything specific you want to have at the house?

Yes there is a lot I want at the house, I want couple of cows, 2 dogs chickens. I want an outdoor kitchen. I want a farm and a place where I can call this home!!

6. What is the number one thing to do when you go to Maine?

The number one thing I do when I go home is I go to the beach no matter what season or temperature it is I will go walk on the beach and I will always go for a hike around the property.

7. Do you think you will get married in Maine?

Yes I would like to get married in Maine but it will depend on if he wants to get married up there but it would be nice!!

8. Why do you want to move to Maine?

I want to raise a family in an environment where they can play in the dirt and have the life I always dreamed of. I want to move to Maine because thats home and thats where I am most at peace.

9. Do you think you’re going to move/live up there full-time?

Yes I think so I would like to think yes but that really all depends where I am in my life. I will would like to have 2 homes but my second home will be right on the water and that will be an investment piece and I probably won’t live there.

10. What would you do if your boyfriend doesn’t want to move?

I would leave him just kidding but there would for sure be a conversation or I would convice him to move.

11. Would you ever do a post on a travel guide of Maine?

Yes if that is something you guys want to see I absolutely can do that! Leave me a comment on this post of what you guys want to see! I will also give you guys a post on places to see and things to do as well!

12. When you do a DIY will you post about it?

Yes I will post about it I plan on doing a lot this Spring/Summer with my girl Liz so keep an eye out for those pretty soon. Let me know if there is anything specific you want to see leave some comments down below.

13. Do you think you will be sad to leave CT?

If I am being honest not really, I am excited for this season of life of leaving the “nest” and starting a new chapter of my life. I will always have some sort of tie to CT but I will never live here full-time.

14. Can you post about places to eat?

Yes, I can post about some of the best local places to eat and what to order I plan on doing more posts of Maine now that Spring is here!!

15. Why do you refer to the house as the farm?

It use to be a farm at one point in time and growing up we always referred to the house as the farm.

16. Will you do a post on your friends up there?

Yes my girl Liz will be joining the blog family and she and I have planned so many projects to do this summer. I am so excited to talk about it and see how they turned out.

17. Why do you refer to the land as “God’s Country”?

If you know me you know I love country music. Blake Shelton’s song God’s Country reminds me of our farm, and that this is God’s creation and I get to enjoy the beauty.

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By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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