Happy Monday New Month= New Goals

Happy Monday and Happy April I am so excited that spring is here! I have only 4 weeks left but who’s counting 😉 I am thrilled that the weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and Passover!

I want to talk about some exciting things that I’m doing for my blog/work-related things but also to talk about goals that I am setting for the month! If you have not read this blog post link then please read it. I recently was asked to do a podcast to talk about hard things. The Podcast is officially live I am so excited about this project. You can listen to the podcast here and hopefully more projects to come soon.

Let’s talk about Spring Goals:

I love Spring why because spring cleaning I can change my closet over the weather is getting warmer and I get to be in my favorite place. 3 goals I am setting for myself: School, Work, & Personal.

School: Make a 3.5 or higher GPA and make Deans List again

Work: Get 3 more brand deals

Personal: Be able to do Whole30 right and do it well

What are some of the goals you want to crush this month? IF NOT NOW WHEN!! Motivation is Key! I want you to create some goals that you can accomplish this month!!


By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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