Goals For This Month…

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend I know I did! What did you do this weekend? Were you out on the boat for the last time, BBQ, or simply taking in the nice weather? I celebrated my cousins 1st birthday went to Maine and took some time to plan out this months content.

Best sign in the world

No matter where you are in your life having something to look forward to on your calander is how to live instead of living paycheck to paycheck or assignment to assignment! We all have goals or something we want to achieve. Whether its a project at home where you want to get your garage cleaned out for the winter or have dinner on the table for 5pm for your family. We all tasks we want to accomplish for the week and month.

My goals are going to look different than yours and that’s OK!! Some are work based, personal, & school related.

My goals for this month is a lot more Fall Content = Baking, Projects, fall styles and doing fall things, I really want to show what Maine is all about in the Fall and the foliage that we have here in New England.

Something that I really want to talk about it this month is planning things out I love this this calendar I got it off Amazon linked here its the best its small fits with me everywhere I go I love to use it to keep track of assignments but I will put my personal stuff outside of school so I know what’s happening.

This month is getting crazier and crazier now that Fall is approaching! I am so excited for all things fall. I have some exciting things to share that are upcoming up but for right now its a secret shhhh 🤫🤫. A lot of you have been asking about “projects” and that’s something I definitely want to touch base on now I will be talking about it probably in the next couple blogs so stay tuned.

I want to talk about projects and how to “tackle them” I will be dedicating a place on here called projects so watch out for that tab.

Are there any topics specifically you want me to talk about in depth? Dating/relationships, recipes, workouts, maintaining a balance between school&blogging etc… ? I hope everyone enjoys this week and this beautiful weather while we still have it!! Remember to stay Graceful- XX


By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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