Fall in New England

Photo by Karolina Ostrzolek on Pexels.com

Happy Monday everyone it’s officially fall here in New England! I love this time of year from September-December and then January and February I dread. I love the fall-peeping, pumpkins on front porches, apple cider & donuts. The smell of Fall is in the air and the fires will be getting lit.

The weather is between 40 and 70 degrees with unexpected rain storms. I have been living in CT for my entire life and even though when I go to Maine the weather can change. There’s also this thing called heat and people don’t believe to turn the heat on until November 1.

Ok so clothes are clothes right? Sure but when you’re living in New England you think differently your thinking is it suppose to rain? What’s the weather suppose to be? Should I bring a sweater? Do I need my Bean Boots? A lot of different questions we ask ourselves.

My favorite way to dress in New England is to add LAYERS: t-shirt with a sweater and if you’re spending nights outside you will most likely need a coat. The best part of layering up is you can take off layers.

My go to boots are my LL Bean Boots these I have had for years and the quality is worth it you can wear them hiking, picking pumpkins, shopping or even out to dinner. They are a classic New England staple and every New Englander needs a pair. I live in mine from the beginning of October – the end of March

I love anything and everything plaid I even have a pair of plaid pants for Christmas this plaid scarf is my favorite its more of a Christmas scarf but you can get away with the plaid in the fall. Here is one similar from Amazon.

Another look that is a fall favorite of mine is a sweater with jeans and a pair of brown riding boots. I wear this look so many times it’s a traditional New England look and you can wear it out shopping, dinner, going to class, or just walking around town.

This is such a classic look here in New England I can’t find the link to my riding boots but here is one very similar and affordable. Linked here they are my favorite boots. This sweater is my absolute favorite sweater its from Vineyard Vines they have so many different colors the one I am wearing is this one. It’s a little pricey but worth it I bought it my freshman year of high school and I still have it and I continue to wear it.

Another outfit that can be a little fancier but is perfect for a shopping day or just taking in the weather is the same Vineyard Vines I linked above with these jeans. I love this vest but I can’t find the link so this one is very similar. My belt is Gucci but you can use whatever belt you want. My shoes are green booties but a tan bootie would be really nice or even a tall or short black boot to dress it up.

I hope that this few outfits will get you in the mood and excited for fall I am loving these outfits and as we get more into fall I will be posting more outfits for Thanksgiving, Super Bowl, Sunday dinners, soup nights with friend with a fire, anything else in between.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and remember to stay blessed xx


By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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