Friday Q&A: Dating With A Purpose

Happy Friday y’all I hope everyone had a wonderful week and ready for the weekend!! A lot of you ask me about what’s does “dating” look like when your a Christian so I decided to answer your questions. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. XX

1. Is dating for you suppose to be about marriage?

Yes dating for us is about marriage I am personally not dating just to date I want to date with the intent of marriage.

2. Would you date someone who wasn’t your faith?

No if I am being 100% honest I wouldn’t date someone who wasn’t Catholic because A its not fair for either one of us, B I feel like we would break up because so I rather save both of us the heart break.

3. Are you actively pursuing someone and if so are you going to talk about him?

No I am not actively pursuing someone that’s all in God’s hand I will continue to pray for and about my future husband. If he wanted me to talk about him on here I definitely would if that’s something we have discussed. I just want to put this out here I choose to put my life on the internet he didn’t yes this is my job but he doesn’t have to be part of it.

4. Does your faith play a role on what you can and can’t do in a relationship?

Yes, it someways it does because in the Bible it says you wait till marriage to do certain things so yes I believe in that aspect. We are human we make mistakes, it’s really on what you’re comfortable doing and your standards with yourself and what you want to do.

5. You wanting to get married young does that have anything with your faith?

Yes and no from the time I was little all I ever wanted was to be a wife and mom. However I knew I need my education to fall back on and I needed a career to sustain myself. I think its something that we have a calling to because my mom was brought up in her faith and she didn’t want to be married. I think it’s all in God’s plan and just enjoying this season of life.

6. Do you think people judge you because of that ?

Yes I do because people have made comments about it to me. If I am being honest I really don’t care this is what I want for my life and if I am going to get judged by it then so be it.

7. Do you think your kids will marry young ?

I really don’t know what’s considered young to you? I would want my kids to be established first before they get married. I don’t think its necessarily good/bad to get married young but you have to make sure your family is ok with it.

8. What are the “perks” about dating with intent of marriage?

I think there are a lot of different “perks” a few for me are is not carrying baggage from a pervious relationship we all have baggage but the baggage is minimal. I get to be more thoughtful in my decisions because I am not looking for one night fling.

9. Is dating in the church frowned upon ?

No dating with a purpose is encouraged but dating just to date isn’t encouraged. I believe that you’re allowed to date but have sustainable relationships that last long fun fact all of my relationships lasted between 6 months to a year. I think it all depends on personality and what you are looking for.

10. Do you want to be married when you graduate college?

You have to ask God on that one! what I want and what God wants for me are two completely different things. I will say this I am not oppose of it happening but I’m also ok of it not happening.

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By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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