Friday Q&A: All Things Travel

Happy Friday everyone I hope everyone had a fabulous week and has a great weekend. A lot of you have been asking me about travel and so I decided to make this weeks blog post all about travel.

1. Preferred method of travel: plane, train, or automobile? 

My preferred method of travel is either plane or car I prefer flying but I do like long car rides.

2. Top three travel items? What are the three absolute must-haves when you go on any trip?

My top three travel items are 1) phone charger, 2) makeup 3) a good pair of heels

3. Are you a repeat visitor, or do you prefer to explore new places every time you make a trip?

I’m both because I’ve been to Italy 3 times but I’ve been all over Italy. I love exploring new places. Every time I go to Maine I try to do something new or go on adventure. I guess you can say I am both.

4. What about travel is appealing to you? Is it the chance to explore a new place, or even just the opportunity to escape from your daily life?

I love exploring a new place and being adventurous and seeing God’s beauty for what it is. For me Maine is my escape from my everyday life so I get to not worry about my life.

5. What is one place to travel you would recommend to a friend or family member, and why?

One place that I would recommend to my friends and family is Italy. I love the history, food, culture, fashion, coffee. There is no such thing of a bad trip to Italy there is so much that Italy has to offer.

6. Even if it might not be immensely different from what you would normally have, do you like to try local foods when you travel?

Yes, that’s one of the best things about traveling is that I want to see the local coffee shops, try all the local food, I try to blend in more as a local then tourist.

7. How often do you travel, even if it’s just a relatively short, or even a day trip?

I travel at least 2-3 times a week to go to Maine. I go to Washington DC at least once a year I like to try to go more. I like taking overnights on weekends, quick day trips. I travel a lot for doctors appointments I get around.

8. How does the ability to travel helped your blog? Has it created new content, sparked ideas to modify older content, or anything of that sort?

The ability to travel has helped my blog tremendously being in a new environment, new scenery, yes traveling gives me the opportunity to create new and more content. Traveling always sparks new ideas to create more and different types of content.

9. If cost wasn’t an issue, where would you want to travel, would you want to do an activity you normally wouldn’t if you were traveling on a budge?

If money was no object I would spend my time shopping at real authentic stores that is expensive. I would just spend my entire trip sightseeing, shopping, eating, and drinking all the local things.

10. What is the one piece of travel related advice you would give to someone, that more specifically is uncertain about exploring a new place or trying something new that might be outside their comfort zone?

Research, Research and more research would be my advice to you. What country/area are you going to. What’s “known” in that area, what do you want to see, what interests you ask yourself all of these questions. When I went to Italy I was going to Venice. I knew I wanted to go to St. Marks Square, go on a Gondola ride, try the “best” coffee there I googled best coffee places in Venice. I was going through Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy to see who had the best gelato and coffee while there I was doing my version of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives but with gelato and coffee and pasta.

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By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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