Friday Q+A: Talking About Relationships

Happy Friday y’all its been a crazy week from classes, studying, and taking some me time and figuring out what I want in life. I can believe we’re half way through the month of October. I get a lot of questions about am I dating, are you gonna date, are you gonna post about him if you have someone. I thought this weeks q+a would be more of an honest one. xx

1. If you are juggling both a romantic relationship, and running a blog at the same time, how does one affect the other, and what is your best strategy for keeping those two things balanced with equal attention to each?

I think for me if I was in that situation you have to be open with that person because I choose to put my life on the internet he didn’t. Communicate on what your gonna post and what’s ok and understand that as much as I may want to post about something he may not want that posted and respect his wishes. Also make time for them I know for me when I think of dating and I don’t work a normal 9-5 I have to set time or my blog will take over. Just be honest I promise that will be the key for this.

2. Is keeping a “work-life-balance” always easy, always hard, in between, or does it tend to fluctuate depending on factors such as workload with the blog, giving enough focus to your relationship and other factors? 

Keeping a “work-life-balance” isn’t always easy and it can be extremely difficult at times because my blog is my life and trying to keep up with my life on “real time” here is difficult because I am not always ready to share what’s happening quite yet. For an example I don’t always post about my travels with my family because a) they don’t always want to be on the internet b) I want to enjoy my family for a little bit c) somethings I want to keep private.

3. Do you ever post about your personal life, such as things like relationships? Or do you mostly choose to keep that separate from the content your audience sees?

Yes, 90% of what I most is about my personal life, would I ever post about a boyfriend? I probably would because thats my real life and part of this job is about being real, authentic and honest. I would also keep somethings private because I don’t want to put my entire relationship on the internet. I would have to think about that one whole hardly.

4. If you were dating someone would relationship ever a source of inspiration for your blog content?

Yes, If I was dating someone I would post about it and show that side of us if he was ok with it. I would say I would like to if he was ok with it and the opportunity arises itself I would.

5. If you dedicated a post to giving relationship advice to your audience, what is the first piece of advice you would choose to give? 

The first piece of advice I would choose to give would be, be yourself and be honest no matter what as long as your true to yourself you know that you can go to bed knowing that you tried no matter what happened.

6. What tips would you give for keeping a stress-free balance between your work and a romantic relationship if you had one?

My tips would be make time for each other, communicate, and understand that you need try to find that healthy balance while doing my job.

7. What have you learned about yourself through your blog, or through any romantic relationship you’ve had in your life?

I learned a lot about myself through my blog like having thick skin, not caring what peoples comments say. I learned a lot through my last relationship which was knowing my worth and that its ok to leave a difficult/toxic relationship.

8. What has blogging taught you about relationships?

Sometimes relationships are meant to be broken and the truth hurts.

9. Out of any relationship advice you’ve been given, what is the most valuable piece for you?

Growing up and going to church and seeing my grandparents be married for 25 years they would tell me in the Bible “In your anger do not sin” : Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry,” Ephesians 4:26 this is something made there relationship successful along with trust and communication. You want to be there best friend, tell the truth and overuse I love you.

10. Lastly, would you let your significant other ever helped you create blog content if you had one? If so, how?

If he wanted to but I mostly would just get his approval because my blog is my blog.

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By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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