How To Plan An Easy Christmas Party

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Happy Thursday and happy first snowfall here in New England. Todays blog post is how to throw an easy Christmas party so you’re not stressed out when guests arrived.

Plan 2 week before:

What I do is figure out what kind of party is it cocktail, casual, family gathering, or even a sit down meal. Start there.

When you figured out what kind of atmosphere, plan the food, do you want sit down, buffet, or family style.

1 week before:

Figure out what kind of food you want and side dishes.

Grocery shop:

Pork loin, carrots, salad, potatoes

chicken mashed potatoes, salad, bread,

Rule of thumb:

if you have a heavy dinner do a light dessert, or vise versa

3 days before:

Set the table, make things ahead,

Clean the house:

Vacuum, fluff the pillows, buy the wine,

1 day before:

Peel potatoes, blanch the carrots, etc…

day of:

enjoy the party, get dress put the pork loin loin, meat ect… the main course in oven before guests show up.


By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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