Friday Q+A Holiday Edition Part 2…

Happy Friday when this post goes live I will be finished with my semester! A lot of exciting things are happening this week so stayed tuned. Now that the holidays are approaching us this Q+A is all about family. I hope everyone has a wonderful week xx.

1. How does being Italian influence the ways you celebrate during the holidays?

Being Italian during the holidays is a lot of family time, a lot of food, and a lot of laughter is what happens during the holidays.

2. Are there traditions that are essential every year, and that must stay the same, or do you often change them?

Yes, there are traditions that are essential every year like my Memere hosting Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve and we host Christmas and Easter. The food has to be the same once and while we will change it.

3. Because your Italian and family is important, what is your favorite part of the holiday season? 

My favorite part of the holiday season is being with family!

4. Are their parts of being Italian such as stories or traditions that you have already passed down, or intend to pass down to younger generations?

Every time around Christmas I make my cookie boxes and homemade pasta. I tend and hope to pass these down to my kids someday.

5. What is your favorite story related to your background that a family member or friend might have shown you?

How they spent the holidays is probably my favorite stories.

6. What are your favorite holiday recipes that may have been passed from previous generations of your family?

Meatballs, sauce, scalloped potatoes, chestnut stuffing, pasta are the big ones.

7. What is the most fascinating thing about your family history that you’ve learned through a story passed down during the holiday season?

How some of my grandparents didn’t get receive gifts when they were kids so I made an effort to get them gifts or make memories with them.

8. What is one thing that your family history has taught you about your past, or those that came before you?

How strong they were and how hard working they were.

9. Who is the best storyteller of your family history?

My Poppy and GB were the best storyteller

10. What does the holiday season mean to you, specifically because your Italian. Is it something you intend to pass to your future children, and how do you envision doing such a thing?

The holiday season mean to me is spending time with loved ones, knowing Christmas is Jesus’s birthday and knowing the story of his birth. I plan on being intentional with my kids about Christmas rather just getting gifts for the sake of gifts. Understanding what Christmas season means.

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By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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