Monday Motivational

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! What did you do? I love my Mondays because I get to start my week off with work. I love how you guys tell me how Mondays have impacted you. I know this month is getting crazier and crazier but I know each of you are crushing your goals!!

Over the weekend we got a lot of snow! I love “snow” days even though I am on break and also in college but I love being able to take care of me! Over the weekend I decided to cook/bake!

I have decided to put a recipe once a week and one at the end of the month! Some recipes like family recipes you will have to pay for your choice. There will be 2 recipes one free and one you have to pay for!


Why do the family recipes have to be charged for?

These are 2-3 generations recipes that only my family has access to! Everything from my mom’s meatballs, her sauce, along with recipes from my Memere’s family!

What types of family recipes will you include?

A little bit of everything: sauce, homemade pasta, food my cousins and I grew up with at Sunday dinners, along with the holidays

What recipe do we know is free vs pay?

It will see which one when you click on it.

Do you have to pay for that week recipe if we don’t like it?

No if I post a free recipe on a Monday and its “caramel sauce” and on Wednesday I post “My mom’s meatball recipe” and you don’t want that recipe you don’t have to pay for it! Each week you will get 2 free recipes on the blog and a choice to pay for the family one!!


By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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