Talking About How Everything Happens For A Reason…

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are in mid-week and I am just so excited for these new business opportunities that have came up. Yesterday I was listening to EncourageHer Podcast with this girl named Kendra her story is amazing and I reached out to her and she was like I need to ask you if youContinue reading “Talking About How Everything Happens For A Reason…”

Monday Motivational & Coffee Convos…

It’s getting that time of year again where I am sitting outside when I am not in class and drinking iced coffees and soaking up the sun! How are you spending your nice days out? I’m going to change up todays post instead of talking about goals I want to have a little chit chatContinue reading “Monday Motivational & Coffee Convos…”

Friday Q&A: Talking About Relationships part one.

Happy rainy and snowy Friday I can’t believe its snowing in April but again its New England nothing surprises me anymore!! I am almost done with school countdown is on! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. XX If you know me you know I was in a horrible relationship at the end of 2019Continue reading “Friday Q&A: Talking About Relationships part one.”

Lets Talk About Encouraging Others…

Happy Tuesday Everyone!! I have been so busy with school and work and finishing out the semester! Only 4 weeks left but who’s counting at this point! I think we all need a little bit of Encouragement right now I know I do! I really want to talk about EncourageHer Clothing… I am someone whoContinue reading “Lets Talk About Encouraging Others…”

Happy Monday New Month= New Goals

Happy Monday and Happy April I am so excited that spring is here! I have only 4 weeks left but who’s counting 😉 I am thrilled that the weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and Passover! I want to talk about some exciting things thatContinue reading “Happy Monday New Month= New Goals”

Friday Q&A : Answering Your Questions On Everything Maine

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their week and Easter is in two days. I am so excited to be saying that it is getting to be this time of the year where I get to head home to my favorite place ever! I am answering all your questions on MAINE! I am sorryContinue reading “Friday Q&A : Answering Your Questions On Everything Maine”