Monday Motivational Exciting Things Happening….

Happy Monday everyone we are almost to spring Ash Wednesday is around the corner! Some exciting things have been happening here on GracefullyGrace! I have few people coming on the blog these next few weeks. I will be doing a formal post on them when it gets closer. We will be doing an Instagram liveContinue reading “Monday Motivational Exciting Things Happening….”

GracefullyGrace meets OVERALLGOODDAYgirl

She has a clothing company to make awareness and to end Human Trafficking every time you buy one of her shirts a child is SAVED! Her goal for 2021 is raise 1 Million dollars to help put an end to Human Trafficking!! You can shop a small business while supporting a great cause 😄 SheContinue reading “GracefullyGrace meets OVERALLGOODDAYgirl”

Monday Motivation on a Tuesday!

Happy Monday but its really a happy Tuesday here on this snowy Tuesday!! I know I am a day late I just started first day of in-person classes and I had sooo much homework to do #collegelife. I didn’t have time to post yesterday so I am posting today!! But don’t worry everything is scheduledContinue reading “Monday Motivation on a Tuesday!”

Friday Q&A: First Week of Classes, College and Whole 30

Happy Friday y’all its been snowing and cold here in CT! I just finished my first week of classes and I also started Whole30 and starting the Spring semester. This is been a crazy week and now I am trying to get all of my homework and posts done by Sunday so I can watchContinue reading “Friday Q&A: First Week of Classes, College and Whole 30”

Monday Motivational lots of things happening

Happy Monday y’all! Its snowing here in CT we are getting 10 inches of snow and its the first day of second semester for me and it’s the first day of February. Lots happening this week between classes and getting back into the swing of things. I want to talk about my uploading days andContinue reading “Monday Motivational lots of things happening”