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MidWeek Check In

Happy Wednesday friends! I hope everyone is staying graceful and ready to take on the week! I feel like I don’t have much to add on the blog… Well maybe I do, second week of classes are here, I have a lot of things happening this weekend so stay tuned for that. Tonight I’m gonna…

Stonehenge & Roman Baths, Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! We are a back to blogging Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 12 pm est time. This weekend was so busy Friday night I got to see the Phantom Of The Opera! The show was amazing. I highly recommend watching it!!! Saturday I got up at the ass crack of dawn 5:30am if you…

Life As A Londoner

It’s officially been a week since I flew into London! I am so excited to be traveling and exploring new things and I can’t wait to explore more. There is something to be said to waking up into a new country and new time zone. I am so excited to be studying in a new…

Back on The Blog

Happy New Year Friends! After a lot of prayer and thought I had to take a break from blogging! I wanted to give it some thought and want to make sure that it was something that God had on my heart. I am studying in London this semester so everything I will be posting will…


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Hi, I’m Grace I am currently in college. I started GracefullyGrace at the end of 2020 . When I’m not in school or in Connecticut I am in my favorite state of Maine! I love writing about my fascination with food, DIY Projects and Jesus, along with adventure, and living a healthy life! I can’t wait for you to read about how I navigate life through Jesus and coffee!

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