Lets Talk About Encouraging Others…

Happy Tuesday Everyone!! I have been so busy with school and work and finishing out the semester! Only 4 weeks left but who’s counting at this point! I think we all need a little bit of Encouragement right now I know I do! I really want to talk about EncourageHer Clothing… I am someone whoContinue reading “Lets Talk About Encouraging Others…”

Exciting things happening this week on the blog

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope everyone is doing good, I have some exciting things to share with you guys! I know I mentioned him last week on the blog……. My friend Brandon is joining the blog we are planning on doing an Instagram Live on Saturday night! Please be updated on my Instagram along withContinue reading “Exciting things happening this week on the blog”

GracefullyGrace meets OVERALLGOODDAYgirl

She has a clothing company to make awareness and to end Human Trafficking every time you buy one of her shirts a child is SAVED! Her goal for 2021 is raise 1 Million dollars to help put an end to Human Trafficking!! You can shop a small business while supporting a great cause 😄 SheContinue reading “GracefullyGrace meets OVERALLGOODDAYgirl”

How does my Faith impacts me daily?

I love this question everyone assumes that since I’m Catholic I’m going to judge you, however that is far from the truth. I love meeting new people being from a small town I have gotten to know so many people and all kinds of walks of life. Yes people will judge we are human. IContinue reading “How does my Faith impacts me daily?”