Friday Q&A: Talking About Relationships part one.

Happy rainy and snowy Friday I can’t believe its snowing in April but again its New England nothing surprises me anymore!! I am almost done with school countdown is on! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. XX If you know me you know I was in a horrible relationship at the end of 2019Continue reading “Friday Q&A: Talking About Relationships part one.”

Friday Q&A : Answering Your Questions On Everything Maine

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their week and Easter is in two days. I am so excited to be saying that it is getting to be this time of the year where I get to head home to my favorite place ever! I am answering all your questions on MAINE! I am sorryContinue reading “Friday Q&A : Answering Your Questions On Everything Maine”

Friday Q&A: Talking about life, Advice, and Meaning

Happy Friday! We’ve had a few days of sunshine in CT and I am not complaining. Technically we have 22 days until the start of spring but who’s counting 😉 I will be glad to celebrate 35 degrees and sunny over 20 degrees and snowy right now. I apologize I didn’t do last weeks Q&AContinue reading “Friday Q&A: Talking about life, Advice, and Meaning”

Friday Q&A: First Week of Classes, College and Whole 30

Happy Friday y’all its been snowing and cold here in CT! I just finished my first week of classes and I also started Whole30 and starting the Spring semester. This is been a crazy week and now I am trying to get all of my homework and posts done by Sunday so I can watchContinue reading “Friday Q&A: First Week of Classes, College and Whole 30”

Friday Q&A: Music, Dating, and Life

Happy Friday, my friends its nice and sunny here in CT. I hope you guys are having a good week. This week has been insanely busy from heading to Maine twice this week, seeing my grandparents and having friends over. I’m just over here finishing some last minute things for school and getting my semesterContinue reading “Friday Q&A: Music, Dating, and Life”

Friday Q&A: Anchors, Jesus, and coffee

1. Whats with the anchor⚓️? I always get this question why do you have an anchor ring, bracelet, earrings, canvas in your bathroom. If you know me you know family is super important to me and that I’m very close to my family. My Poppy who lived with us we were each others ying andContinue reading “Friday Q&A: Anchors, Jesus, and coffee”