We’ve Made It!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!! I can finally say freshman year is done WHOOO!!!! I know I have been a little MIA between finishing finals, getting ready to leave for the summer, and life but remember to take time for yourself when needed. I am so excited to be starting this new chapter of my life and figuring out what I want in life. Nothing is promised so enjoy this time to reflect and grow.

I have a lot of exciting projects happening before I leave one will be announced soon! For those who have been asking me about being an accountability coach and how’s that going? I so far love it, its the best thing I ever did for myself!! GROW outside your comfort zone!!!

Yes I have been to Maine and I plan on doing a “Reno Series” on the blog of how YOU can knock out walls and design what you want and I will show how you can build a chicken coop, upscale furniture and more DIY projects!! remember check out my IG to keep up with me in real life time.

I want to say thank you for all of the support, continuous prayers, words of encouragement, I can’t thank you all enough from the bottom of my heart!!! When you guys message me and say I read your blog it makes my heart so happy I am so blessed by you guys. xxxx – Grace


By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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