Friday Q+A: All Things Content

Happy Friday y’all! I hope everyone had an amazing week and has even a better weekend! For once I can say that I’m not going anywhere this weekend and staying in CT. Have you guys gotten your pumpkins, Mums, decorated for Fall? Are you decorating your house for Fall or spooky season? Have you carved pumpkins, have gotten yourself a PSL? Let me know how your celebrating this season.

1. What are you hoping for your readers to gain from the content you create?

I hope my readers/followers gain new insight of me and my life and learn something that they never would have if it wasn’t for me or something I posted. I would love for my followers to have a better understanding of my job and follow along the adventures with me.

2. What has made blogging such a valuable part of your life? Is it the ability to connect with new people, express yourself in different ways, or even learn something about the audience you are creating content for?

Blogging has made such a valuable part of my life because I get to travel and experience things for my readers/followers and allows me to create more content. I love meeting new people. When people DM me on Instagram to say I just wanted to let you know I love your recent post or thank you for talking about this I’m glad I’m not the only one that makes me happy. I get to express myself in different ways because I can talk politics/world wide issues, talk fashion, family etc… which means you guys see me in a different life.

3. How do you continue coming up with new content, even after running a blog for so long? Is it an “on the fly” type thing? Do you plan your ideas in advance, or do some of them even come from your followers?

I plan, plan and plan my content in advance so I don’t get overwhelmed. I do create some content “on the fly” because I will think this is would be good content or a good post. A lot of my Q+As come from my followers or even topics on fashion, travel, recipes come from my followers.

4. What is the most valuable lesson learned from the work you have done in creating a blog, and making connections with your followers?

The most valuable lesson I have learned from the work/content I have created is that I need to have thick skin and be able to brush off the mean comments. I love making connections with my followers and that’s something I get to do on daily basis.

5. What are specific actions you take to improve your connection with your followers? Does it have to do with the type of content you put out?

I make an effort with my followers someone comments on my post I immediately like it and comment back! I will like their posts and videos. Some posts are more relatable than others but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make a connection with my followers. My DMs, email always open for you guys. XX

6. How can you use the relationships you have in your personal life to improve the influence you have online, specifically with your followers, even if you have never connected with them, but you aware they are viewing your content?

I think my relationships that are in my personal life are different from my relationships with my followers. People in my personal life know me in a different way than my followers. They’re both very important to me but in different ways. My relationships with people in my personal life vary to people to people.

7. What is the best method you have used for connecting with your audience? A certain post format, a certain post topic, media content, or just any form you have use to express your ideas through your content?

I post my content through LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook etc…

8. Are you a full-time blogger? How did you get into blogging and why?

Yes I am a full-time blogger who is also in school full-time. I got into blogging because of my ex boyfriend. I wanted to show that you can get out of a toxic relationship and still be able to pick yourself up from it.

9. What’s your take on sponsored reviews?

I do have paid partnerships with brands and promote my blog and everything else. Far as paid reviews I currently do not have any yet but hopefully soon.

10. What networking do you do that you feel helps your blogging business?

I post every time a blog goes up my friends will post about it and share my content for me and get the word out that way.


By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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