Friday Q+A: All Things Cooking

Happy Friday everyone I hope you have gotten back into the swing of things from goals, resolutions, to showing up when you don’t want to but you have to! A lot of you have been asking me for recipes, cooking and how to start cooking so today’s post will be about cooking! XX

1.How did you get into cooking/baking?

I got into cooking/baking when I was 3 or 4! Both of my parents were great cooks so I would help with things I could! I would host “cooking shows” in our kitchen with a cam recorder.

2. Is cooking hard for you?

No, it’s not some recipes are more complicated than others but at the end of the day it’s all learning. On Tuesday I had one of my best friends over for dinner and it was my first time ever cooking a pork loin roast. I spent that morning reading and re reading the recipe and started doing things ahead of time because I wasn’t sure about timing.

3. Whats your favorite thing to cook?

This is the most frequent question I get asked, there is no “favorite” there some recipes I enjoy doing more than others, but there is no favorite for me. I make everyone’s favorite dish for them.

4. How did you learn to cook/bake?

I grew up watching Food Network, but my Memere, my mom and dad were the cooks in the house so I learned from them. During quarantine of 2020 I spent a lot of time in the kitchen as therapy. I read cookbooks, and learned along the way and I am still learning.

5. Do you have any tips for someone who has never cooked/bake ?

My piece of advice to you would be start small, start with something easy, piece of chicken with potatoes and a salad, or chocolate chip cookies. Learn as you go!

6. Why are you a good cook/baker?

Experience, however I knew that when I become a wife, mom, maybe a rancher I would need to cook to support my family so thats my why. This might be controversial but I want to be a stay home mom and wife and homeschool my kids so I knew cooking was essential.

7. I saw your IG live you don’t measure why?

Cooking I really don’t everything is eyeball (comes with experience) baking however I do measure you have to! Cooking is about preference to taste, don’t like something substitute to it add, take away. For an example the pork loin recipe called for fennel, potato, and onion, I didn’t have fennel so I used potato, onion and garlic instead and it was very good.

8. When your friends come over do you give them leftovers?

Yes, my friend who came over on Tuesday was heading back to school and I gave him a bunch of leftovers because I knew he was going to eat it.

9. Do you teach people to cook?

If people want to learn then yes but that is up to them. I have friends who will call me to ask me when do I know chicken is done, or if its cooked right or how do I know if its fork tender.

10. Are you ever going to write a cookbook?

I really don’t know I am not one to say never say never but right now I am content posting recipes on the blog! If its something in the future maybe.

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By Grace Dowling

I am from a small town in Connecticut I love traveling, spending time in my favorite place called Maine.

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